Joy is in the Journey

Joy is subjective. Ask anyone what sparks joy for them, and you will hear as many answers as people asked. 

A smile. A hug. A high-five. A thank you.

Applause. The roar of the crowd. Rooting for the winning team. 

An A+ after studying all night. Awards. Achievement. 

An unexpected note in the mail. 

Ice cream. Your favorite flavor. 

Watching someone overcome adversity. Embrace their worth. 

In the simplest form, joy is a feeling. Rejoicing. It could be a big emotion reserved for special occasions like weddings, graduations, and babies. But what if we take joy off the shelf and embrace it as a familiar feeling. A feeling that we all deserve to have. 

The attainment of a dream – any dream – that becomes a vision you work toward every day through setting and achieving smaller goals. Bite-size achievements that bring us incrementally closer to the life we want to live. 

Having a dream is not just for young athletes, promising musicians, or aspiring artists. It’s for you and me. So dream your biggest dream and find joy in the journey.

Where do you find joy?