We are Heroes

I love to read about outdoor adventures. It helps me escape the routine of every day and gives me a glimpse of places I’ve never been. I can scale the highest peaks, sail the seas, soar through the air, and explore miles and miles of wilderness.

In the pages, I am an explorer. A mountaineer. A hero.

Accomplishing great feats is not only for those fortunate enough to have the time and resources to climb to the top of Kilimanjaro, Denali, or Everest. And it isn’t reserved for those who walk each of the 2,190 miles that make up the Appalachian Trail.

Greatness is for you, and it’s for me.

How do you achieve greatness in a world that is telling you you’re not good enough? There is a mountain to climb, but you don’t have the equipment you need. The trail is long. You’re battered, bruised, and exhausted. The guide has left you, and there is no one to show you the way. Greatness eludes you.

In every adventure, some moments cause us to hold our breath. The hero is facing an insurmountable challenge. Bad weather moves in. The water is gone. A bear is in the middle of the path. We bite our nails as we root for our hero to hang on.

And then, just when things seem darkest, there’s a breakthrough—rays of sunshine stream through the cloudy sky. The damp wood catches fire. Our hero digs his spikes into the ice and takes another step. And another step. And another.

While your work, whatever work you happen to find yourself in, may seem mundane, endless, and thankless, there is someone who depends on you. They are watching you scale the mountain. For every mistake, an opportunity to learn. For every setback, a comeback. For every poor decision, a right decision. And that makes you the hero in your adventure.

How do you define greatness?